Westlands Park – Mavic Air / GH4

During the winter I scouted out some areas I wanted to fly once the grass turned green. Today seemed like a good day to fly so I headed to Westlands Park in Englewood. I wanted to put the Moza Air gimbal to work a little. I mounted the GH4 but with it being super bright out, I needed an external monitor that I could see outdoors well.

I decided the DJI CrystalSky 7.8″ High Bright would do the trick but two problems had to be solved:

  1. How to actually use the CrystalSky as an external monitor
  2. How to mount the CrystalSky to the Moza Air

The first problem was solved pretty easily. I installed the APKpure app on the CrystalSky and used that to install the Panasonic Image App which works flawlessly and with extremely low lag. The Image App connects to the GH4 over WiFi so no cables were needed.

The second issue of how to actually mount the CrystalSky took a little while to figure out. After a number of different configurations, I hit on a solution that worked perfectly.

I used a MavMount CrystalSky mount, a 5″ Magic Arm, and the mount for the Moza Wireless Thumb Control. This allowed me to mount the CrystalSky in a way that allowed full movement of the gimbal and the ability to tilt it at different angles depending on the shooting position.

With the CrystalSky mounted, it was off to the park for some footage. The final product was edited in BlackMagic Davinci Resolve v15 beta 4.

Do you have a cool solution to a problem that you came up with? I would love to hear about it in the comments.