Breckenridge Troll Adventure

October 14, 2018 KerryG 0

Officially called Isak Heartstone, this 15′ wooden sculpture was created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, a renowned creator known for making troll installations around the world. Dambo […]

Rebuilding website

April 4, 2018 KerryG 0

My web server had a catastrophic hard drive failure recently and all of the content from my website was lost. The lack of posts is […]

Frozen Dead Guy Days

March 11, 2018 KerryG 0

Known as one of the most unique and quirky festivals in the country, Frozen Dead Guy Days takes place in the Colorado mountain town of Nederland — three days […]

Brad Pitt Wedding

March 22, 2012 KerryG 0

Yes, I can say that I shot Brad Pitt’s wedding. Maybe not the Brad Pitt you are thinking of, but a very close friend for […]