Boling BL-P1 RGB LED Light Review

In my quest recently for a new small LED light I was looking for something small and bright, with RGB color control, and something that wouldn’t cost an insane amount of money. I cam across a video review from Gerald Undone about the Boling P1 RGB light. This light seemed to check all of the boxes I had in mind.

The Boling P1 features include:


  • Wide color temperature range:2500k-8500k
  • Accurate brightness adjustment from 0-100%
  • 0-360 full color&color saturation adjustment
  • 9 common scenario simulations
  • Full power 140 mins working
  • Intelligent temperature control protection system(unexpected high temperature protection)
  • 9 simulation lighting effects interface– meets different needs.
  • Including – lightning/TV lighting/Multicolors cycling (fast & slow)/Candlelight/Police car special effects/Ambulance effects/Fire truck special effects etc.


  • Power:12W
  • Charging intetface: Type-c 5V/9V/12V Qc3.0 Intelligent charge
  • Battery Capacity:7.4V 2930MA
  • Dimming: 0-100%
  • RGB Color Gamut:0-360 full color
  • CRI:96,TLCI:97
  • CCT:2500-8500
  • Lux: 0.5m 1480lux
  • Fastest charging time: 90min
  • Full power: 140min
  • Lithium Ion Battery:2930mAh
  • Weight:260g
  • Size:150*70*15mm

Amazon $159