About Me

Kerry currently is the COO of a “Drone Store” in Castle Rock, Colorado and can be found at http://multicopterwarehouse.com

Kerry also runs the popular photography website Camera Dojo and has a firearms blog and show at http://thefirearmsshow.com

Bio: Kerry Garrison started in photography by doing product shots for several hobby related websites he was running. Without having the funds to pay for a photographer, he needed to learn how to make good images, how to do lighting, and how to do post production. These experiences lead to publication of images in several trade magazines.

Speaking at a ShootThis! Event

In January of 2007 Kerry launched a photography website to help people to learn how to make their images better and show how to use different products. Very quickly CameraDojo.com became quite popular with photographers learning their craft and a year later a companion podcast was launched.

For more information please use the contact form or the contact information below, we look forward to hearing from you:

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Email me at: info@kerrygarrison.com