Journey to the Salton Sea

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4 Responses

  1. tawnya says:

    David thought it was something else, didn’t he? Just like the white house issue….

  2. psboy says:

    Amazing photos of the Sea! What camera are you shooting with?

  3. maks says:

    Build canal or let it dry off? THE SEVERAL MILES WIDE LAKE TO DRY UP? ARE THEY BRAIN-DEAD? What the heck is on their mind? It must be brought to life, not destroyed even further. Clearly shows that the government don’t care about anything except their own crap. They woun’t mind if any other lakes and oceans will turn into this mess, where humans come over, use-use use- mess-mess-mess, and then leave it to die once they finish ruining it…..

    God, I wish we get a good leadership, and consciousness to all humans who don’t care about environment.