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LA Shoot This – Craig Park

It was my honor to be asked to speak again at the LA Shoot This group. This time I talked about getting your exposure and your white balance nailed in-camera. When it came to...

Lauren Elizabeth Portrait Session 0

Lauren Elizabeth Portrait Session

Lauren was a blast to work with, young and energetic. Lauren is working with me for some examples I needed for my upcoming workshops so I took a handful for her to use and...

Mya Lyn Photoshoot 3

Mya Lyn Photoshoot

Mya came over to help me get some shots I need for an upcoming article on Camera Dojo and she needed some new shots for her portfolio.

Kristi and Aaron Engagement Shoot 1

Kristi and Aaron Engagement Shoot

There is just something about an engagement shoot that is usually very special. The shoots are usually not rushed and the location often has some special meaning.

Taylor Thorne Portrait Shoot 0

Taylor Thorne Portrait Shoot

Its always fun to step out of the day to day grind and do something that is both fun and creative. Taylor wanted to do some portraits that were very classical looking, which happens...

Hayley Headshot Shoot 1

Hayley Headshot Shoot

Hayley has a casting call this week and needed a simple headshot. But, of course, I went overboard and shot tons of images because she was so much fun to work with. We ended...

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Leah and Darrel Wedding

I have been waiting for this wedding for quite a while as I have worked with Leah before as she is a coordinator and one half of The DoubleKnot Twins. For this wedding I...

Photo shoot with Marvell 0

Photo shoot with Marvell

It has been complete chaos here with people streaming through for headshots and portfolio shots and one that has stood out recently was Marvell. Marvell has a look that can switch easily from street...

Lexi Rose Photo Shoot 0

Lexi Rose Photo Shoot

Lexi is a terrific girl who was just incredible to shoot with. This was only her second photo shoot and she had such an amazing flow. Given a little more practice she is going...

Christopher Kennedy Photo Shoot 0

Christopher Kennedy Photo Shoot

I needed to get some shots for the new Photo Basics StrobeLites and Christopher needed some new shots so it made for a perfect combination. We got some awesome images out of the shoot...

Taylor Thorne Photo Shoot 0

Taylor Thorne Photo Shoot

Had a great session with Taylor tonight. We were trying to come up with a fun idea that would combine a pin-up type of look with a western motif. I came up with the...