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Tim Warneke Headshots 0

Tim Warneke Headshots

Tim Warneke is an up-and-coming actor who has been getting a number of small roles lately and its only a matter of time before he hits it really big. So here’s rooting for Tim...

Lauren Elizabeth Portrait Session 0

Lauren Elizabeth Portrait Session

Lauren was a blast to work with, young and energetic. Lauren is working with me for some examples I needed for my upcoming workshops so I took a handful for her to use and...

Mya Lyn Photoshoot 3

Mya Lyn Photoshoot

Mya came over to help me get some shots I need for an upcoming article on Camera Dojo and she needed some new shots for her portfolio.

Photo shoot with Marvell 0

Photo shoot with Marvell

It has been complete chaos here with people streaming through for headshots and portfolio shots and one that has stood out recently was Marvell. Marvell has a look that can switch easily from street...

Jessica Sterling Photo Shoot 0

Jessica Sterling Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica this weekend. For a 17 year old she is extremely comfortable in front of the camera and had the flow of a seasoned professional. While this...

Headshots for David 0

Headshots for David

It’s one thing to do a shoot for a client that you may not know very well, but when a fellow photographer asks you to create some dramatic headshots for him/her it really is...