Getting My NRA Pistol Instructor Certification

_DSC2363If you are a complete anti-gun zealot please stop reading now lest you be offended by anything I might say here.

I will start off this tale by explaining that I am not a crazy gun nut, I believe in my right to protect myself, my family, and my property. I also believe in the Bill of Rights and I am very concerned about how our rights and freedoms are getting taken away little by little every day. Where I struggle is with our (Colorado’s) concealed carry law and that’s something I felt I could help improve in my own way.

_DSC2365Colorado Conceal Carry Permit Law

The basic problem with Colorado”s CCW permit law is that it basically says the requirement is “Any course taught by a certified instructor”. So, for a couple hundred couple bucks, pretty much anyone can go to an NRA instructor course, and then start teaching CCW classes. The problem with this is that there is a large number of “instructors” who will simply give people a training certificate for anywhere from $45 – $150 with no actual firearms training. There are people walking around Colorado with concealed weapons permits who don’t even know how to load, let alone properly use their firearms. To me, this is just scary as all hell. While I am in favor of people being armed, if you are not properly trained, you can be a huge hazard and a massive liability.

Becoming An Instructor

2013-06-20-12.46Now that I have explained the problem with the CCW classes, this is why I wanted to become an instructor and do what I can to properly train people to safely and effectively use a firearm to protect themselves. I only arrived in Colorado a week ago and set out to find a class to take. I decided to go with PROFIRE USA.The reputation of the school and instructors was absolutely top notch. The problem was that this was the only school that required you to bring your own handgun. All of our worldly possessions are still on a moving truck and are a couple of days away still. The only handgun I have with me is a small Colt 25 Automatic. Since the shooting qualification is 20 shots into targets at 15 yards, the Colt 25 is hard to hit anything smaller than a VW Bus at that distance. So….I needed to borrow a pistol for the class. One of my friends came through with this…well….interesting 1911 .22 with some unusual grips. Apparently the gun belongs to his teenage son.

2013-06-23-08.23After two days of classroom training, the third day was off to a secluded gun range two hours north of Denver. What I didn’t know was that the last 4.4 miles to Pawnee Sportmans Center was on a dirt road and I had my G35 (not a good off-road car).

I passed all of the written tests with flying colors so all I had left was the shooting qualification. I was a little concerned about a not-very-easy qualification with a pistol I had never used, and actually had never even been fired before.

2013-06-23-09.03Fortunately, not only was the gun easy to fire, it was dead-nuts accurate and with not even a single practice round, I passed the test on the first try.

After a full day of range instruction I am now a certified NRA instructor. In about two weeks I will have my credentials and can start teaching classes. In the meantime I need to hook up with a local shooting range for the live fire exercises.