Infiniti G35 Project Car

One of the things I have always wanted was a cool project car that I could fix up and really make mine. Over the years I have never done it because I haven’t had garage space, haven’t had time, haven’t had money, or whatever excuse I could come up with. This past weekend I came across an incredible deal on a 2003 Infiniti G35 that I simply couldn’t pass up. What I like about this as a project car is that I don’t need a full shop to do anything and the car is damned near in showroom condition so its not a fixer-upper.

stock-viewSome of the things planned for this baby include:

  • Improved air intake
  • Upgraded exhaust system
  • Tinted windows
  • Rims that better match car color
  • New stereo system (with Bluetooth and Navigation)
  • Billet front grill

Yes, I know the G35 is the middle-aged white-man’s tuner car and guess what, I am a middle-aged white-man so phooey on everyone. This is not a quick weekend project, I plan to have this car for a long time and do upgrades as time and budget allow for them so don’t hold your breath waiting for the next update, they will come as they come.