Beginner’s Guide to Exposure (Kindle eBook) Now Available

exposure_guide_cover_kindleMany people told me that they needed a very simple guide to help them get started with understanding exposure.  This prompted me to write The Beginner’s Guide to Exposure. This eBook explains in extremely simple, easy to understand terms, exactly what you need to know to understand exposure. During the book you will learn one-by-one key pieces of getting a good exposure and then be sent off with a lesson to go work on. When you have finished the lesson, come back and learn the next skill. The core sections of the book include:

  • What is exposure
  • What is a stop
  • Understanding Shutter Speed
  • Understanding Aperture
  • Understanding ISO Speed
  • Camera modes
  • How your camera thinks
  • Shooting in manual mode

The book now available  in electronic format and for a limited time is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle devices and readers (available for all major platforms for free). Also for a limited time, Amazon Prime members can borrow the book at no cost!

Beginner’s Guide to Exposure (Kindle Edition)
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