Cars & Coffee Auto Show – June 19th, 2010

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2 Responses

  1. Jim Collins says:

    My son, my father and I go to a similar gathering almost every Saturday adjacent to a Starbucks in a local movie theater parking lot. I love this little slice of americana and I also love the time with my family. My dad is 79, 80 in a couple weeks, and I restored his 1957 Mercedes 190 sedan many years ago. He sold it about three years ago and the guy who bought it has completed the restoration. He brings it sometimes and we see it and remember and tell the stories to my son. It makes me think of wanting to do a project like this with him. He’s a senior next year and will be moving on soon … Time passes. Thanks for giving me a chance to think about this some on Fathers Day.

  2. KerryG says:

    What a great story Jim, thanks for sharing.