Podcast #59 – Conversation with Michael Clark – Adventure Sports Photographer

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2 Responses

  1. Brian Polzin says:

    Hi Kerry,
    In this podcast Michael and yourself were talking about shooting all raw… One thing that bothers me and maybe I dont have something set up correctly on my Camera (Nikon D300) it that when i’m shooting in raw i only get 2 or so frames a second. To get the 8 frames a second i need to be shooting in jpeg. DId i miss something here?

    Brian Polzin

  2. KerryG says:

    You are absolutely correct. Many cameras shoot slower when shooting RAW than JPEG. The question then becomes, why do you need 8fps? I rarely ever shoot on burst mode let alone high speed burst. Granted, I don’t shoot a lot of fast action sports (weddings rarely become contact sports unfortunately). More expensive cameras with UDMA card support can rattle off RAW images almost as fast as JPEG images.